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GOOGLE + : Bane of Facebook Or No?

Come 2004, Facebook was born, Exactly 7 years later, a new phenomena arises, Google +. Okay, let me just say it by its full name. Google Plus. A neat nice name, so simple, it just tells what it will be all about. In my opinion, the ‘+’ means add-on to the already strong Google infrastructure on the Internet. Google is already raking in revenues from advertising, it is already the #1 search engine and its mail feature is one of the most sought after mailing engine in the world today. Now, a feather in the hat!! Google Plus – It’s Plan To Go Social!!!!

During the past few years, ever since Orkut descended into oblivion and Facebook started to become a competitor in the advertising sector, Google has been venturing into the social networking and media sector. But the journey for them has not been easy. Google ‘+’ ‘s forerunners generated much hype but failed to occupy the market share. Yes, I am talking about Google Buzz and Google Wave. Google has made mistakes regarding these two social technologies. With regard to Buzz, it went on to violate even it’s own policy – this feature was attached to every Gmail user.

But Google has learnt and now it comes up with yet another social network and this has the balls to take on Facebook. It might look simple in the eyes of the mundane user but mind you, simplicity is the best policy. Gmail changed the way mailing engines worked. It was fast simple and attracted many users. Even now, I use gmail as my principal email, having shunned others. Simplicity is the weapon Google uses to seduce and mind me even their simplest products are filled with creativity. They make products for the people!!!

With Google +, Google has truly gone social. It has truly adjusted its goals to be people centric. That, my friends, is like the additional icing on the already huge cake.

Google + has very innovative features. It might all sound like Facebook but believe me, it is much much better. But I will do the explanation of how it is better by comparing it with features of Facebook.

The first thing first – On Facebook, we can edit settings. For example, whenever we write a wall post we can choose to  make that post visible to Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends only and Custom. All this is fine. Come to Custom, you can hide this post from certain people only or you can make this visible to certain people. But is it not also true, if you want to enter multiple names, then you have to type in all such names even though the friends list start appearing below. This is where the Circles feature in Google + comes in. The Circles feature lets you organize your friends in lists and groups. Facebook has an unorganized group feature and security and privacy is a little compromised. But Google + does away with that feature. It helps you organize. So, you can make your posts to certain circles only.

The next feature is the Hangout. Here you let your friends know where you are right now. You can make your hangout visible to certain circles or one circle or all circles as per your desire. Then, people can join. With it’s video chatting feature which Facebook does not have, it’s the best thing in here.

You can also instant photo/video share here just like Facebook but it’s more faster and innovative.

Then there is sparks. Sparks is all about speaking out your interests and a technology that sends you what’s happening in the fields of your interest. So when you are free, you have fun enjoying what Sparks sends you.

There is the huddle next. The Huddle is all about about group texting and chatting. This is much better and organized than facebook.

For a tour of Google Plus, to get to know more about it,


But the question now arises, is whether people are going to shift to this new phenomenon that threatens to stand up to Facebook.  There might be problems however. For instance, I do not think Google Plus going to incorporate applications like Farmville and stuff, because over time, it becomes silly. Facebook would stay for applications but I think if anyone wants to network, then Google + is the thing. If it does incorporate games, then it would be more fun.

Secondly, it is going to take a lot of time rebuilding the social circle already developed on facebook. It is going to take time but all this has happened before, People shifted from Orkut to Facebook.

Thirdly, The Facebook Like and Fan pages are absent from Google Plus but word has it that it is being coded and will be available soon.

Google has resorted its previously used invitations feature and has evoked a very good response. The invitation feature has supposedly been blocked for some time and to those who haven’t yet received theirs would just have to play a waiting game. It will be some time before it is released to a wider audience. Google has played wisely.

The people at Google maybe crazy but they are creative, innovative and geniuses. 🙂

But will Google Plus prove to be the bane of Facebook? Will Facebook be history? Only time shall tell or maybe the press announcement Mark Zuckerberg is going to make in the first week of July. But if you ask mine, I think, Google Plus will soon be the ‘IN’ thing, what with its reach to Google Search Engines and extra revenue through advertisements. Enjoy The Network!!!!

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  1. Praveen Nagesh
    July 2, 2011 at 11:26 am

    nicely explained and interpreted, Google wants to definitely rule the internet domain.But unlike I had the feelings of it making a dent into FB earlier, i dont think it can actually do much harm to it for some time.The video sharing,circle, where r u features of google may have been better but u cannot expect FB to sit quite at one end doing nothing.Orkut is also a product of google.It has failed earlier in this domain.And orkut tried to revive its glory at last but failed.Facebook needs to act fast.FB has to work on picture viewing(not so impressive compared to orkut) and other controls.And lastly Gaming wont do any harm to Google if they introduce it.But it should never exceed insanity limits:)

    • July 2, 2011 at 11:28 am

      google has failed yes, but from failures success is born….google plus mite just be their right product at the right time

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