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My Passion’s Problems

The title says My Passion. For those who are ignorant of my passions, I would like to bring it to their notice, that it lies in reading and writing. Yes, surprisingly, it actually is.

Reading, that most of them do. Some are nerdies who read academia, some are into novels and short stories but everyone reads at some time or the other. I do too but mostly into novels. Well I read kind of any genre but fantasy is on top of my preference list. Mystery, thrillers, action follows. And how can I forget mythology and supernatural themes?

Writing, that few people do. This passion provides me the adrenaline; gives a nice relaxing feel; especially after a hard day’s work. I write mostly fantasy, sometimes thriller, mythology and supernatural. Writing is always a creative venture; you get to create characters, build behaviors into them, make them speak, feel how you want and create your own plot. I have always liked writing but, for some reasons, I haven’t pursued it for some years. There was a long gap before I took up writing again.

There are some reasons why people don’t take serious writing in India:

1) Lack of payment; payment, salaries are top priorities here, unfortunately. authors in India don’t get paid much.

2) Lack of resources

3) Quite a few literary agents

4) Parent and peer pressure

You can that even I have fallen to such whims and when the crucial decision time, I left writing as such which again I have taken up, fortunately.

I started by writing short stories in my eighth standard. And I continued doing so till I had English as a subject and till I was in school. I left it in 2002 and got busy in college. I completely lost track even though I continued reading.

I collected the lost shreds back in 2007 or late 2006, when I wrote my first fanfiction and posted it in orkut communities. It was about the fourth age of middle earth(lord of the rings) till dagor dagorath. I had to leave it incomplete due to final year projects and stuff and I was also doing a fanfic on Inheritance Cycle.

I got decent reviews for those and after getting such reviews, I decided, why not think of an original. So, I started a science fiction story titled Project Nexon which I had to stall since I reached a writer’s block and I am still not able to think of anything. Some time later, I thought of a trilogy, and started penning down the Hashims and its first part I titled The Summoning.

Then I took the hostel route in mid 2008 and even though I wanted to write, I could not. Again a long hiatus till end 2009. In December 2009, I,through search on orkut communities, was led to a site called http://www.fanfiction.net.

fanfiction.net is a platform where writers congregate to share fanfictions they have written. Since this site was related to fanfiction, I could not write much. Although, I did create an account and uploaded the incomplete fanfictions of mine.

Through this site, I was led to the sister concern, http://www.fictionpress.com and I just loved the site,even I do now. This site enabled me to create original stuff and it is really a very great platform. I have come across so many great stories that are worth publishing. And I have heard that this site has really given aspiring authors a nudge out of the door and enabled them to publish their works successfully.

On this site, I started rewriting the Hashims and now it is a story being followed by many.

I also uploaded a collection of short stories. Along with it also my new story, Bhargava, which is getting good reviews and stuff.

I hope to keep my passion alive and turn it into a profession, although by side, maybe I hope to publish someday. đŸ™‚

Hope I will

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