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Rajneeti – A Godfather – Mahabharata Combo

It was a cloudy evening and in its chilling atmosphere I decided to watch a movie. So, I decided in the evening after some relatives left my house, to go to a library and check out some new movies in the house.

There was this movie that I wanted to watch for some time, Rajneeti, a Prakash Jha movie. Since all his previous movies were box office bestsellers, I expected the same from Rajneeti. Well, it did satisfy me to some extent, I found it to be a decent movie overall , but sadly not matching the standards of Gangajal and Apaharan, his previous movies.

I copied the material onto my system and started watching it. After its completion, I was impressed on how the film twists tales from both the Indian epic, Mahabharata and the bestselling novel, The Godfather from Mario Puzo.

So, let me start on how a comparison can be made between these three tales, and with it obviously I am sketching out a review for this movie.

First, before starting out with the tale, I would like to comment on the starcast. The movie has:

1) Naseeruddin Shah – who plays a revolutionary going missing. His acting skills are great as usual. But I feel he could have been given a longer role. But the role suited him, no doubt.

2) Bharti – I do not know her real name, so I will call her by her screen name, she was ok-ok, sometimes there weren’t any expressions on her face. Her character can be related to Kunti from Mahabharata and as the tale unfolds, she becomes similar to the character of Don Corleone’s wife. ๐Ÿ™‚ though retaining Kunti in her.

3) Ajay Devgan : He is a regular in Prakash Jha movies but he is totally wasted in this film. He is known to be a action man and the movie just ignores him. He plays Suraj and his character is similar to that of Karna in Mahabharata. Though he has acted great, he has been wasted.

4) Manoj Bajpai : Again a master actor he has been. He plays Virendra Pratap Singh, character similar to Duryodhana of Mahabharata.

5) Arjun Rampal: He is what I liked best in the movie. A superb acting and he as an actor has come of age with this feature film. And now he is surprised with the reviews he has been getting. Kudos dude!!! Well done!! He plays Prithvi in the film, his character is similar to Arjuna at some places, at some places he is a maniac like Sonny Corleone ๐Ÿ˜›

6) Ranbir Kapoor : He has displayed a talent here. Shows that he can work in serious films as well. Plays Samar, younger brother of Prithvi, a studious guy like Michael Corleone, never in the business, but later on he is forced to and displays the same behaviour as him. at the end he is arjuna. ๐Ÿ˜›

7) Nana Patekar: He is an exceptional talent and he does act very well in the movie. His character is almost like Don Corleone and Lord Krishna of Mahabharata. His name is Bhrijgopal.

8) Katrina Kaif: She looks great as usual and her acting has improved and so has her language. She plays the character of Indu, and its actually great. She is like Draupadi at some places, then she becomes Sonia Gandhi in the end ๐Ÿ˜› similar to Ash in Sarkar Raj.. she dons the party.

9) Sarah Thompson: She is the american lover of Ranbir Kapoor. She is like Kay Adams and Appollonia combined..i mean she lives Kay Adams and dies like Apollonia.

By the huge starcast i wud give a rating of 4/5.

Okies, now with the review of the tale.

The tale starts with Bharti climbing down a set of stairs leading to the river Ganga. As she climbs down, an excellent narration takes the viewer to a flashback.

The flashback dates 30 years back when she is a daughter of a politican of the ruling political party. She betrays her father and joins Naseeruddin Shah who she views as a mentor. Late night, it is raining heavily and Naseeruddin Shah asks her to get inside. Romance creeps in and the usual stuff. Naseerudin wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks it as a mistake. And he leaves her disappearing from the movie. See, I told you he was wasted. Now, Bharti becomes pregnant and as soon as she delivers, Bhrijgopal takes the child away and puts him in some carriage and pushes him to the Ganga. Same like Karna, Kunti story. The only difference – here Bhrijgopal sends the baby and not Bharti herself. This is done becos Bharti has not bound in a wedlock. Sounds familiar??

The flashback ends and you are with the flow of the story again. She descends the stairs and stands besides Bhrijgopal, praying to the river to keep her son well. Bhrijgopal replies that he will fine where ever he is.

Bhrijgopal convinces Bharti to wed Bhanu Pratap’s brother and out of that wedlock, Prithvi and Samar are born. Prithvi automatically is drawn into the political waves and Samar goes to America to do his PhD. Bhrijgopal manages to apply a fevicol to three families prominent in the political world.(Same as Lord Krishna merged Yadavas, Drupada and Hastinapur for the establishment of Dharma)

Bhanu Pratap who is also a great leader, has one son Virendra Pratap(Bajpai) who thinks he is the only one entitled to the gaddi of his father. Same like Duyodhana.

The scene shifts to the airport, Samar has arrived from America to attend his chacha’s birthday. Chacha = father’s brother – for ones who don’t know. Bhanu Pratap’s birthday is being celebrated with a bang. and when he does deliver speech, he falls due to an attack. He is rushed to the hospital and after much dialog, he gives his place to his brother and Prithvi(Rampal). Bajpai gets pissed off with this and goes to arrange a meeting while Bhrijgopal senses a certain tension between the two. But Mano Bajpai again returns.

The scene shifts to a kabaddi match where Ajay Devgan aka Suraj is introduced. A nice match, Suraj wins handsomely and is paraded to his house where his dad, who is the driver of the Bhanu Pratap family, has arrived in a beautiful car. Suraj manages to evade his friends in the car and as a result gets scoldings from his father. He is a man who likes to be independent. Now see a similarity between the driver and the charioteer of mahabharata. See Ajay as Karna.

The driver now drives to the airport and collects Samar. On his way home, he is interrupted by a beautiful hot girl driving like a maniac. She is named Indu(Kat). An intimate scene follows after which they return home. Then the meeting of Bharti and Samar and then Prithvi.

The scene shifts to Prithvi going to Azad Nagar to announce a candidate. He is confronted by Suraj who acts like a leader for the Dalits. He draws away the supporters.

A series of confrontations between Bajpai and Rampal follows. Another politician asks Suraj to fight from within the party. Suraj then barges into a party conference and asks for a ticket. Rampal confronts him again telling him he doesnt need him. But Bajpai seeing an opportunity to smite Rampal, gives stature to Suraj. Suraj, smitten by Bajpai’s gesture vows friendship to him..Remeber now the Krida Bhavan incident of Mahabharata. Her Rampal is Arjun, Bhrijgopal who is the convenor is Bhishma, Bajpai Duryodhana and Suraj Karna.

The scene shifts to a restaurant where Indu proposes Ranbir who declines.

Again a series of confrontations and wild politics follow which leads Bajpai to frustration. They decided to kill Samar and Prithvi’s father and they do as soon as he leaves Samar to the airport who is going back to America.

Now at the airport, Samar hears the news of his father’s murder and rushes to the hospital with Bhrijgopal. Prithvi reaches the hospital and stations guards. A SP arrives at the time and they get into an altercation in which Rampal gets arrested. Samar comes and tries to negotiate but SP slaps him hard. remeber here that Ranbir is Michael Corleone and the SP is Captain McCluskey. In this thing, Suraj becomes Sollozzo and Bajpai becomes Philip Tattaglia. Almost similar. ๐Ÿ˜›

Bhrijgopal pleads sorry and leads Samar to the blood camp. Samar donates blood but is unable to save his father. the scene shifts to Bajpai holding political speeches and crying sympathy but on the inside he is laughing.

Now, Samar acts like Mike Corleone, and decides on vengeance. He then tells Bajpai that his entire family is shifting to America but on conditions, that they are not harmed, that all charges be released. He acts slowly and turn by turn, event by event, turns the tide against Bajpai. He gets Rampal out on bail but SP tends to put a rape charge.Samar then forms a separate party called Jan Shakti out of the parent party called the Rashtravadi Party. Samar and Prithvi are seen campaigning withtheir mentor and uncle Bhrijgopal.

Bhrijgopal and Samar sense that the real problem is Suraj. And Bhrijgopal appoints Suraj’s father as the candidate for Azad Nagar.

Then they suddenly get to know that Indu’s father is thinking of supporting their enemies Samar proposes Indu and asks his mother to contact her father. She goes but her father says why not marry Indu to Prithvi who if he wins will become the Chief Minister. They ask for time and after a lot of discussions, they do accept that Prithvi to marry Indu. But Indu is flabbergasted and asks for justice. But it is denied to her. She gets angry with Samar and cries. Prithvi sympathises but has no option becos with this her father supports his party and a lot of funds become available.

Suraj now initiates the press again. Rampal becomes angry as usual (yea Sonny Corleone).

Again a sequence of political events follow which make Bajpai angry. Suraj then decides to recall the SP and re-invoke the rape charge. they call a girl who wanted to get a party ticket and had intimate relations with Rampal who had refused three times before.

Sarah Thompson, Samar’s American girlfriend, arrives in India. Bharti takes her shopping.

Rampal gets to know.And he proceeds to the farmhouse. He asks SP to call that girl here and then he kills the SP. Rampal’s goondas then abduct the girl and she tooย gets killed.

Then Rampal dies ย in a car blast and so does Sarah.

Slowly, a politician from the opposite party is abducted and his son killed. Samar gives him a chance to divulge his father’s killer’s name. Same like Mike asking Carlo Rizzi as to who ordered it all and Carlo shouting Barzini’s name. Same stuff..the poltician divulges Suraj’s name.

Then Bhrijgopal takes Bharti to Suraj and says that Suraj is her eldest son. Then the same Kunti – Karna dialog. ๐Ÿ˜›

Suraj refuses and tells that his loyalty lies with Bajpai.

Voting starts and Indu stands in place of Prithvi. Her speeches were excellent.

At the end, Bajpai gets to know that they are manipulating the votes, he rushes without his guard, and enteres enemy territory. Suraj soon arrives. Fighting goes on in which Bajpai is wounded to death. Suraj takes him on the road but then he is surrounded.

Samar refuses to shoot down Suraj as they are without weapons But Bhrijgopal tells him that they did not kill his dad, his brother and his girlfriend when they had weapons and they too were weaponless. This is similar to Lord Krishna telling Arjuna to kill Karna becos if Karna lives, then Mahabharata would have been impossible to win for the Pandavas. Same analogy here. ย So Suraj dies and Samar brings back Bhanu Pratap from the hospital.

The movie ends with Katrina Kaif becoming a minister and Samar and Kat reconciling.

Well, the movie was decent. But, Mr. Prakash Jha, we accepted something original from you. The movie has a little gore and violence. it is political. We did not expect a cocktail of different stories. OVerall rating 3.5/5

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